Why We Love Mylee Joseph

Over the last week two weeks, the NLS8 Committee announced our keynote speakers!  We thought we’d write a series of posts about why we asked these speakers to attend NLS8. Today: NLS8 Marketing Captain Elizabeth Smith writes about Mylee Joseph, her work at the State Library of NSW and why she’s one of our keynote speakers.

Picture of Mylee Joseph smilingI first met Mylee Joseph when I organised a panel event for ALIA Sydney this year (actually our first Speak Up! event – maybe you were there?).  I was immediately struck by how generous she was with with her time and knowledge, and how supportive she was of everyone involved with the event. My nerves were pretty high that night as I was moderating a panel for the first time – but Mylee’s warmth and wisdom calmed those nerves considerably! I’ve been a fan ever since.

Of course, I’m not her only fan – many people in New South Wales know Mylee through her speaking, ALIA committee involvement, and her work with the State Library of NSW.  Everyone I’ve met sings her praises. So, for those who may not have had the pleasure, what is it that made us want to invite Mylee Joseph to NLS8?

It’s one thing to build your own career – it’s another thing to help other people build theirs too.  And while Mylee has risen to great heights in her career, she consistently gives back to the LIS community, and advocates for innovative and engaging services for young people and seniors in public libraries.

Mylee hasn’t just worked extensively in public libraries across the state, she supports the public library community in her work and her ALIA involvement.  In her work with SLNSW, Mylee consults and trains staff in public libraries across the state, training in digital skills and strategic planning.   She has been actively involved with ALIA committees for most of her career, in particular the ALIA Childrens & Youth Services Group, and the ALIA Next Generation Advisory Group (now ALIA NGAC). She collaborated with Jan Holmquist and Kathryn Barwick on the English language version 23 Mobile Things, allowing anyone to sharpen up their digital skills for free.  

I think it’s safe to assume that most of us didn’t decide to work in libraries to simply advance ourselves, but to create good work. Mylee Joseph gets things done and makes things happen – and proves that building a rewarding “DIY Library Career” means sharing tools with your neighbours.


Why not give 23 Mobile Things a go, if you haven’t already?  Build your mobile knowledge and skills with this free self-paced course – and boost your PD hours in a very fun way!


Is your library struggling with social media? See Mylee’s presentation from NSWnet in 2015 on digital engagement for libraries for an excellent “how-to” guide to managing risks and creating an effective social media presence (you can add this to your PD hours too!)


Mylee is a big social media enthusiast, and chances are you’ve already discovered her excellently informative Twitter stream – and if not, get following! Find her @MyleeJoseph

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