Why We Love Alyson Dalby

We are delighted to confirm that the third member of International Librarians Network will be joining us via sattelite at NLS8! Our fantastic Program Co-Captain Annette Messell has written this post about Alyson, so read on…

Alyson Dalby Keynote Speaker NLS8When the founders of ILN (International Librarians Network) accepted their place as keynote speakers we knew it might take a lot to get them in one place. We held our breath after Clare accepted to see whether Kate could join and then the stars aligned: two down, one to go! Enter Alyson Dalby.

Reasons we love Alyson: #1: Alyson will join the fun via Skype at NLS8.

Well, we couldn’t get her in person… but we have the next best thing – Skype! Alyson’s face will beam down at us from a giant projector big brother style and it will no-doubt be glorious. It just wouldn’t feel right without all three founders of ILN sharing their DIY knowledge and experience with us at NLS8.

Reasons we love Alyson #2: She practices what she preaches.

ILN has been running since 2013, and although on a hiatus until mid 2017, has paired librarians from all over the world together to form professional, international connections. Think about a peer-mentoring program but global. How cool is that?

As one third of the ILN dream-team Alyson wholeheartedly embraced her international library contacts and took a trip to Denmark. Whether that connection had anything to do with Alyson deciding to stay, I have no idea – but now she works there as a Team Manager in Data Readiness for a pharmaceutical company. Again, how cool?!

Reasons we love Alyson #3: Her experience is varied but so librarian.

Be inspired by Alyson’s LinkedIn profile but let me break it down for you in a few words: advocacy, leadership, diversity, flexibility, tenacity, and passion. I see all those words between the lines and embodied in the work Alyson dedicates herself to in her professional career and with ILN.

Are you excited for NLS8? I’m excited for NLS8 and a lot of that has to do with Alyson kindly dedicating her time (at what I imagine to be very late in Denmark) to share her story with us.


Christian Lauersen’s interview with Alyson for the Danish Research Library Associations journal, REVY. They talk about bringing librarians together from all over the world, and the impact these connections have made on individual participants. Great reading.


This isn’t quite a “watch” but take a look at this ILN Storify – you’ll get an idea of the just how international ILN actually is!


Follow Alyson’s Tumblr and Twitter to a glimpse into life in Denmark 🙂



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