The Benefits of Being a Student: Why NLS8 Is The Best Student Discount You’ll Ever Have

Today, Ashleigh McKergow, the NLS8 Tours Captain and current LIS student, writes about one of the biggest benefits of being a student – the discounts! NLS8 student registration goes on sale on 1 April 2017 and the best price is reserved for ALIA student members. So, why should you register?  Ashleigh tells us why the NLS8 student registration is the best student discount you’ll ever find for your future career.

Being a student is hard work and people don’t often realise the pressure of managing your study load with your other commitments. The NLS8 team understands this well (especially as some of us are still students – including myself!).  This is one of the reasons why NLS8 is being held on 23-25 June so it would fall during University holidays.  

Of course, one of the best things about being a student is something others dream of:  student discounts!  ALIA make sure that their student members have the biggest discounts at their events.

Our student registrations open 1 April which means it’s about time we talked about the benefits of attending NLS8 as a student!

Is it a Coincidence that “NLS8” and “Motivate” Rhyme?  No!*

As a student, particularly an online student, I understand that there are times where you lose sight of why you’re studying. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll hit a Major. Motivation. Slump. That’s why it’s vital that you attend face-to-face professional development opportunities to be inspired about the profession and all its possibilities.

NLS8 for students is like professional development on steroids!  As a 3-day event (assuming you book in for the amazing workshops and tours, of course) it’s long enough that you can pack a lot of experience in, but hopefully without that feeling of being overwhelmed like you might get at a larger conference.

(*Editor’s note: Yes, yes it is. Still waiting for someone to write the “great”/”NLS8”/”motivate”  tercet I’ve been waiting for—Elizabeth)

Check Those University PD Requirements Off Your Transcript

If your course is like mine, you will be required to meet professional development requirements as part of your studies. Why not tick off some of those at #NLS8, a symposium designed for students and new graduates? With so many excellent sessions, workshops and tours to choose from you can DIY your experience to suit you and your university’s requirements. Win/Win!

ALIA Student Membership… It Just Makes Sense

The best way to save money and get the most out of your NLS8 experience is to become an ALIA student member. The cost of becoming an ALIA student member is less than the difference between our general student registration price and the ALIA member student price, so why wouldn’t you?

Beyond saving money on registration, there are other great benefits to being an ALIA member and it’s worth checking out the full list of benefits on the ALIA website (

Some of the benefits include:

  •         access to online journals and e-books,
  •         access to ALIA INCITE (a bi-monthly magazine full of industry news and inspiring articles),
  •         LIS jobs e-newsletters,
  •         ALIA’s Career and Professional Development Advisory Service,
  •         Discounted training/professional development opportunities and
  •         Much more!

Build Your Network

NLS8 is a great opportunity to network and build your personal learning network with like-minded people who are eager to network with you too. You can meet fellow online students, new professionals from the sector you are interested in joining or someone from a newly emerging role you haven’t heard about before. It’s worthwhile trying to network with as many different people as you can both in person and over Twitter.

Hone Your Skills

Another great benefit of NLS8 is the opportunity to practice your skills. Whether it be learning to hone your live tweeting skills, note taking or elevator pitch, you will get plenty of opportunities to work on those skills in fast paced sessions (like our keynote sessions) or slower paced environments (like our Breakout Space, or everybody’s favourite session, “Lunch”).

Attending NLS8 as a student will not only benefit your studies but also your life as a new professional in the years to come.  Regardless of whether you stay in the GLAM industry, which we hope you do, you’ll find NLS8 to be a worthwhile investment into your future and career.

– Ashleigh McKergow, NLS8 Tours Captain (TW: @ashleigh_cm)


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