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Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available

Hello! We are looking for sponsors for the New Librarians’ Symposium 2017.

Is it your organisation? How would you like to support the new generation of library and information professionals?

Our team (with the support of ALIA) is putting together the best symposium we possibly can. And we want to make sure that the New Librarians’ Symposium continues on past 2017. By sponsoring NLS8, we can help make sure that happens. Help us create the ‘next’ NLS rainy day fund AND make NLS8 the most fantastic event of the Australian LIS 2017 calendar.

Here’s our wishlist:

  • 1 BIG sponsor ($10,000)
  • 3 keynote sponsors ($3,000 each)
  • 1 NLS8 Party sponsor ($5,000)
  • 2 SOLD, 2 still available! 4 break sponsors ($1,500 each)
  • SOLD – Scarves! Yes that’s right, we’d love a sponsor to provide each of our attendees with a scarf to combat the chilly Canberra winter ($3,000)
  • SOLD – Practical and stylish NLS8 satchels ($3,000 or provide your own branded satchels, we don’t mind, they just need to look good!)
  • And of course, we are ready for satchel insert, session and general advertising sponsors ($500 each).

Need more details? Here’s our Sponsorship Prospectus for your perusal.

Because sponsorship is a two-way street, here’s what we will do for you:

  • We will promote your organisation on our social media channels, include your logo on our promotional material including our website and program.
  • We will tell everyone we know what a great sponsor you are and how with your support, NLS8 will be a fantastic event!
  • You will have face to face time with up to 200 of Australia and New Zealand’s most enthusiastic LIS students and new graduates. They want to get to know you and what you do – this is your opportunity.
  • We will ensure that the next NLS committee will know all about your support and involvement with NLS8. Let’s create a great ongoing relationship!

So send us an email to discuss what your organisation wants to do for NLS8. We really are ready to create whatever kind of sponsorship package you want.

Thank you!

Amy, Sally, Elizabeth, Ashleigh, Annette, James, Steven, Shannon and Leia AKA Team NLS8.