Workshops, Friday 23 June

Pre-symposium workshops are a great way to compliment your symposium experience allowing time to get hands on with a topic and achieve some in-depth learnings. We have 5 awesome workshops to choose from but remember to book early to secure your spot!


Workshop 1, 9.30 am to 12:30pm, IT Training Room

Random acts of meaning: Digital skills for a post-truth world.


Facilitator: Associate Professor Tim Sherratt
Capacity: 20
Cost: $50

Digital innovations need not be measured in dollars saved or services delivered – we can use them to ask questions, to explore alternatives, to see things differently. This workshop will show how we can use digital tools to open GLAM collections to new meanings and perspectives. From hacking to harvesting, visualisation to preservation, we’ll explore the skills needed to make a difference.


Workshop 2, 9.30 am to 12:30pm, Conference Room

Why Libraries Are Awesome And How You’re Going To Tell Everyone This (A Quick And Dirty Guide To Advocating For Knowledge)


Facilitator: Dr Will Grant
Capacity: 20
Cost: $50

Will Grant from the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University draws on lessons from the world of science advocacy to apply to the library sector, focusing on how you can tell the awesome stories about libraries to the rest of the world. Learn the basics of identifying, applying and evaluating communication strategies for diverse audiences, using a range of means, media, and technologies.

Bring your own device.


Workshop 3, 1.30 to 4:30 pm, IT Training Room

Introduction to the Library Carpentry Toolbox


Facilitators: Carmi Cronje and Fiona Jones
Capacity: 18
Cost: $50

Carmi and Fiona are Research Librarians from Macquarie University Library, and have been experimenting with the tools and methods of the Library Carpentry Toolbox.

Participants will place themselves at the leading edge of library practice, beginning to learn reproducible methods for cleaning and transforming data. They will expand their own digital literacy, gaining confidence to face new frontiers and new challenges working with data. Attendees of this workshop will have the opportunity to try OpenRefine and experiment with its basic functions using library specific examples. By introducing the computational methods and tools of Library Carpentry in a workshop setting, the aim is to break down barriers to participation and build a community around computational approaches to library practice.  

Workshop activities include exploring large unstructured datasets – organising, cleaning and standardising inconsistent and messy data. Attendees will begin to see and experience how they can put OpenRefine to work solving a range of messy data problems that they face in real life.


Workshop 4, 1.30 to 4:30 pm, Training Room

New Librarians in Academia: Your data mystery adventure starts here


Facilitators: Kathryn Unsworth and Natasha Simons
Capacity: 20
Cost: $50

Academic and research libraries are experiencing changing priorities that have direct implications for librarians and the roles they undertake. We are now seeing moves from traditional library service models to collaborative partnerships between librarians and academics/librarians and researchers. Making this transition can be tricky without the requisite skills and knowledge.

This hands-on and interactive workshop provides an introduction to the skills required and the wide range of data-related training and professional development opportunities available for librarians who want to become “data savvy” and build their own careers in an emerging area of interest.

For this workshop:
Bring your own device – laptop.
Reading/viewing of a couple of relevant primer resources prior to workshop is recommended (to be provided closer to NLS8).

Workshop relevance:
Would be most useful for those seeking careers in: universities, research institutes and government.


Workshop 5, 1.30 pm to 4:30pm, Conference Room

Battle for Library Island

Sponsored by The University of Southern Queensland


Facilitator: Dr Matt Finch
Capacity: 20
Cost: $50

Explore libraries’ work from a unique perspective with this participatory session covering five years in the life of a library-loving island nation. Step into the shoes of a librarian, community member, or government official in a fictional country, to explore the challenges and opportunities in those roles and relationships. There will be drama, there will be danger – and the freedom to reimagine librarianship in a whole new way.