My favourite library podcasts

This post was originally published on 17 February 2017 on the blog Kylie in the Library by Kylie Burgess. If you are a podcast fan, then this is the post for you! A big thank you to Kylie for letting us republish her work. Read the original post here. (Kylie is also on Twitter…you know what to do!)

I don’t know about you, but I love podcasts.

Other than reading, listening to podcasts is my favourite way to pass time while commuting to work or university. Most days, I am able to finish one or two podcasts during my travels, so I listen to my fair share!  Lately, I’ve been moving away from my usual true crime fare and toward library related podcasts.

There are many entertaining library podcasts out there and I’ve found that several do double duty. In addition to being a great way to pass some time, many library focused podcasts are a great way to learn a bit about what’s going on in libraries around the world, making them a useful professional development tool.

To that end, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here. Most of them are library focused, hence the title of the blog.  My apologies to the ‘GAMRers’ in GLAMR!

My favourite library podcasts:

Beyond the Stacks – I’m relatively new to this podcast, but I am loving it so far!  Beyond the Stacks interviews librarians and information professionals in interesting or unconventional careers.  My favourite episode so far was an interview with Amanda Brennan: Meme Librarian!

Circulating IdeasCirculating Ideas is a well established podcast that frequently interviews heavy hitters in the library world (think R. David Lankes).  While this podcast certainly has a US focus, you’ll get to hear about a variety of library related topics and from some impressive library innovators.

Cardicast – Cardicast is a handy recording of recent New Cardigan events; great for those of us outside of Melbourne!  It’s always an interesting listen.

Cyberpunk Librarian – The Cyberpunk Librarian is a long running podcast that covers a variety of topics that fall somewhere at the intersection of librarianship and technology.

I also enjoy:

S. S. Librarianship, Law Librarian Conversations, Better Library Leaders and Librarians Assemble!

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