Meet Team NLS8 – Steven & James

Who are the people organising the next ALIA New Librarian’s Symposium?  Unlike previous NLS committees, who have been based in their respective host cities, the NLS8 Team are a group of librarians and library students scattered across Australia.  Some of us met at NLS7 in Sydney, while some of us have never even met face-to-face!  But by our powers combined (and a whole lot of internet apps and Skype chatter) we’re working with ALIA to bring you an amazing event next year.  Along the way, we’ll be sharing insights into our conference planning process.

We’re kicking off by publishing a blog series introducing you to the members of the organising committee.  Today: the managers/shepherds/mentors/buddies to our future volunteers!

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StevenSteven Chang, VIC
Co-Captain, Volunteers
Advisor, Marketing & Finance
TW: @StevenPChang




Hi! I’d describe myself as inquisitive, passionate, and slightly obsessive. I’m currently a newly-minted Senior Research Advisor at La Trobe University Library. This means I dabble in systematic searching and research impact metrics to build partnerships with health, science and engineering researchers.

My background is in medical librarianship. I am the current editor of the Australian health librarian journal, Health Inform, which is published by Health Libraries Inc. I’ve previously tinkered with digitisation/archival stuff and modern Chinese history too. My other professional interests are in user experience design, pedagogy, and issues in scholarly communication.

I’m a co-captain of the volunteers management team. I’m involved in recruiting and managing the team of volunteers that will jump into action during the symposium. I want to ensure there’s a good fit between volunteers and NLS8, and that both parties get the most out of the experience. I also contribute to the marketing team to maximise the visibility of NLS8 in the LIS community through social media and local promotion opportunities.

NLS7 was a great experience for me in 2015. I gave my first ever conference presentation and really enjoyed the infectious enthusiasm and optimism that uniquely defined the event. Other participants felt the same, and by Sunday afternoon we had already organised to meet and brainstorm ideas for a bid to host the 8th NLS – and NLS7 hadn’t even finished! We were driven by a desire to re-create this warm and welcoming experience for the next iteration of the symposium, but with our own spin and a bunch of new ideas.

We’re really committed to hosting an event that is practical and pragmatic. As such, we’re aiming to cook up a very “workshoppy”, participatory program where there are lots of opportunities to be involved and hands-on, as well as attending keynotes and talks. I also believe we are the first NLS committee made up of people from all across the country, so we will each be bringing flavour from our respective local communities to Canberra for NLS8, which is exciting! Lastly, NLS is being held in the hallowed halls of the National Library of Australia, so it’s a great chance to make the journey to visit one of the icons of Australian librarianship and make it our home of learning for a weekend. See you there!


JamesJames Rose, NSW
Co-Captain, Volunteers
Advisor, Marketing & Social
TW: @GoAskJay




I am a student of the Bachelor of Information Studies at CSU. I Currently work for Apple in a Technical Support Role, and also am a Volunteer Curator/Collections Management Officer at a Local Museum/Historical Society. I live on the South Coast of New South Wales, In a town just north of Wollongong. I have a professional interest in Critical Librarianship and Praxis, and look forward to living my dream of being an outreach librarian.

My primary role, as co-captain of the volunteer committee sees me currently planning for our volunteers with my co-captain & sub committee. I also support our marketing committee by working closely with Liz to make all the behind the scenes action happen, like the website and related marketing. I also support the social committee by attending events where I can & encouraging meetups.

I volunteered at NLS7 last year, and really enjoyed working with LIS Industry people. After being part of the initial lunchtime conversation, I thought; “These are my people, we can build something good.” I had just heard Sally deliver a keynote and that sold me on the idea.

I am excited to be a part of creating change from within, by empowering and equipping New Librarians and new GLAMR Professionals with tools they can use, to make a difference for themselves and others. I also look forward to being apart of and facilitating the conversations that need to be had, where are we? What direction are we going to take our industry in? How are our changing library roles going to effect the skills we need today and into the future?


Have a question about volunteering at NLS8 for Steven & James? Leave a comment here, or start chatting with them via Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!



  1. Hi James
    I would really like to volunteer for NLS8 in Canberra. I have already been a volunteer at EBLIP8 in Brisbane last year and know the value and experience that can be gained through volunteering. Please let me know when I can submit my application 🙂

    PS – I am third year student and my passion is in outreach too! Just finished community outreach subject and thoroughly loved it.


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