Meet Team NLS8 – Sally & Amy

Who are the people organising the next ALIA New Librarian’s Symposium?  Unlike previous NLS committees, who have been based in their respective host cities, the NLS8 Team are a group of librarians and library students scattered across Australia.  Some of us met at NLS7 in Sydney, while some of us have never even met face-to-face!  But by our powers combined (and a whole lot of internet apps and Skype chatter) we’re working with ALIA to bring you an amazing event next year.  Along the way, we’ll be sharing insights into our conference planning process.

Today, we begin a blog series introducing you to the members of the organising committee.  First up: our very brilliant co-convenors!

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SallySally Turbitt, NSW
Advisor, Program & Marketing
TW: @sallyturbitt
IG: @sallyturbitt




I’m a recent graduate from the B.Info Studies at CSU, working in a library technician role in a medical library. I live on the Central Coast of NSW, and originally hail from Canberra so I’m very excited that NLS8 is in my hometown.

I’m Co-Convenor with Amy and am on the marketing and website sub-committees. I’d describe it as wrangling a bunch of over-excited librarians/info professionals and making sure they have fun while organising a great symposium. I also provide a lot of GIFs, memes and hugs.

I got involved with NLS8 because my uni friend and fellow librarian, Sharon Barclay came up with the idea of running the next symposium at NLS7 in Sydney. We sat up late on the Saturday night of NLS7 discussing our ideas and what we thought new grads and students should get out of an event like this. The next day we had met a great group of enthusiastic folk who were all on our wavelength!

I’m excited that we will be at the National Library of Australia – what a venue! And that the NLS8 team will be able to show everyone what we’ve spent 18 months working on. And I’m really excited about challenging our profession to take responsibility for our careers, to talk about the difficult issues we face and to meet new people. NLS is all about the people.


AmyAmy Walduck, QLD
Co-Captain, Program & Finance
Advisor, Marketing
Speaker Liaison
TW: @amywalduck
IG: @amywalduck



I’m a proud Queenslander who spent my childhood following my parents from Brisbane to Cairns to Mackay to Gympie and back to the fabulous Brisvegas. Before I was a librarian I was a music teacher and I’m still a passionate musician so it’s not unusual to find me playing a gig around the place. I’m the Queensland State Manager for ALIA and a librarian at the Government Research And Information Library where as well as supporting the research requirements of our members, I get to work with the State Library of Queensland Business Studio.

I am privileged to be working with Sally as Co-Convenor of this awesome band of new library professionals. Being Co-Convenor means I get to be a involved in everything which suits me just fine! My main focus is on Programming and Sponsorship and you’ll find me out and about spruiking NLS8 at as many events as I can get to.

I was lucky enough to attend NLS6 and NLS7 so I felt like I had a pretty good handle on what NLS can offer LIS students and new grads. After meeting some kindred spirits during an NLS7 meal break, I knew I wanted to be involved with creating a symposium to empower my colleagues and inspire them to greatness. I believe we all have superpowers so I’m leading by example to show we can all achieve amazing things, especially with a great team behind us. On a slightly selfish note, this is the best professional development I could ever hope to do in my whole career!

I’m most excited about seeing LIS students and new grads be inspired at NLS8. I want to meet you all, hear your stories, watch you get inspired and see you take all of those new ideas, skills and knowledge back to your studies or workplace. I want to see you take control of your career and put into place a plan for lifelong learning and professional development. Are you ready for that challenge? See you at NLS8!
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