Meet Team NLS8 – Ashleigh & Michelle

Who are the people organising the next ALIA New Librarian’s Symposium?  Unlike previous NLS committees, who have been based in their respective host cities, the NLS8 Team are a group of librarians and library students scattered across Australia.  Some of us met at NLS7 in Sydney, while some of us have never even met face-to-face!  But by our powers combined (and a whole lot of internet apps and Skype chatter) we’re working with ALIA to bring you an amazing event next year.  Along the way, we’ll be sharing insights into our conference planning process.

We’re kicking off by publishing a blog series introducing you to the members of the organising committee.  Today: most of us are new grads and students too.  We were lucky to nab these two shiny new librarians for our team!

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AshleighAshleigh McKergow, QLD
Tour Liaison Officer
Advisor, Program
TW: @ashleigh_cm





I work in public libraries and I am a Bachelor of Information Studies student at CSU – due to be a new graduate by NLS8! Previously I trained as a Library Technician but craved to know more and so I dived into the Bachelors. I am Brisbane born and bred, and grew up in libraries and school library backrooms thanks to my family who are passionate about libraries, reading and general nerd culture. Since 2009 I have either been studying or working in libraries and have had the pleasure of working in school, academic, special, public and parliamentary libraries.

My main role in the NLS8 committee is organising all things tours and being part of the program sub-committee. Outside of these roles I encourage, lend my support where needed, and make sure that my networks all know about NLS8 and how incredible it is!

I have been very fortunate to attend NLS6 & NLS7 as a student. The moment I knew there was a team forming to put in a bid for NLS8 I eagerly put my hand up to be involved. NLS is such an invaluable opportunity for students and new graduate librarians for their professional development and networking, and to use as a launch pad for their library career and ideas. I can’t help but want to be involved and to be a part of the next great NLS. I have gained so much from NLS and now this is my chance to give back.
I’m looking forward to being able to connect with other people who are passionate about libraries and building their careers to better serve the libraries and communities they work in. Each person has their own library/GLAM story and NLS8, I believe, is a great chance for students and new graduates to network and share their own journeys with each other and continue to grow and be encouraged. From being at previous NLS’s I’ve learned that no journey is the same and that each journey can help empower and complement another’s journey and open up new and exciting opportunities.



Michelle FeelyMichelle Feely, NSW
Sponsor Liaison Officer
Advisor, Finance
TW: @libchelle1




I’m originally from Perth, WA, but after ten months of caravanning around Australia, my husband, four children, and I decided to move to the Southern Highlands, NSW. Due to this move, I made a decision to pursue the career I have wanted to do since the age of 9. So I started, in 2011, studying the BofA (Librarianship and Corporate Information Management) at Curtin University. My graduation ceremony, in Sydney, was on Thursday 12th of May, 2016.
I have also been extremely fortunate to have the best job. I am the mobile librarian at Goulburn Mulwaree Library. This is a new service for this library and it requires me to use so many of the skills and knowledge I gained through my degree. I would just like to reiterate, I have the best job!
I am joining the committee relatively late in the piece but I hope to help and have fun in creating the best symposium to date.  I have always wanted to be involved in supporting an ALIA conference as I believe one should support in anyway they can. I am passionate about libraries and the future of this profession.  Sadly, I was unable to attend NLS7 due to uni and family commitments. But I vowed if there was a way I could get involved in the next one I would do it.

So here I am! I am excited that I will finally be able to attend. It will be on hallowed ground, the National Library of Australia! Another bonus is that, I will be part of the awesome NLS8 team. Also, as a new graduate, I think this is where we can not only network, gain knowledge, question, and future proof our profession in a world that is rapidly changing and evolving.


Work in Canberra and want to show off your library on one of our tours?  Or want to find out other ways you can support NLS8? Leave a comment here, or start chatting with Ashleigh and Michelle via Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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