Meet Team NLS8 – Shannon & Annette

Who are the people organising the next ALIA New Librarian’s Symposium?  Unlike previous NLS committees, who have been based in their respective host cities, the NLS8 Team are a group of librarians and library students scattered across Australia.  Some of us met at NLS7 in Sydney, while some of us have never even met face-to-face!  But by our powers combined (and a whole lot of internet apps and Skype chatter) we’re working with ALIA to bring you an amazing event next year.  Along the way, we’ll be sharing insights into our conference planning process.

We’re kicking off by publishing a blog series introducing you to the members of the organising committee.  Today: in the final part in our series we introduce our Finance & Program captains.  Pay attention: you’ll be seeing a lot more of these two in the field!

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ShannonShannon Parsons, VIC
Captain, Finance
Advisor, Program & Marketing
TW: @upsilonarts





I currently manage the library services for a college in Melbourne, Sydney & Geelong. A recent graduate (2014) of the RMIT MIM program, in a past life I was involved heavily in the arts, especially community arts. I am based in Melbourne but only when my body and imagination aren’t off travelling the world!

What do I do on the committee? I try to keep up! Finance and sponsorship is my wheelhouse, trying to keep NLS8 on track to delivering maximum bang for attendees buck!

I attended NLS7 as my first ever ‘conference’ style event and was blown away by the value, when so many other conferences are out of reach for students, new grads and unemployed or library curious people, this one delivered outstanding speakers and relevance to where I was at. While there I met other enthusiastic people and so when the call came for new volunteers to pick up the baton I couldn’t resist.

I’m most excited about the interactivity we have planned. I won’t give too much away, but a big part of what NLS8 will involve will be ‘doing’, not just passively watching and listening. We want attendees to feel like they have learnt things directly relevant to their lives and careers that they have the skills to implement! NLS8 will be #NLSGR8!!!


AnnetteAnnette Messell, QLD
Co-Captain, Program
Speaker Liaison Officer
TW: @nettymess





Hello from the sunny Gold Coast! My name is Annette, I graduated from QUT in 2014 with a Master in Information Technology (Library and Information Studies). Ever since then I’ve been working at QUT Library as a Library Adviser – what most people recognise as a reference librarian- and I’ve never been happier. Recently I’ve moved into developing my skills as a law librarian and find myself challenged, surprised, and learning new things every day.

I am also a regional co-ordinator for QLD ALIA Students and New Graduates Group and have always been interested in supporting new librarians on their career journey. I enjoy meeting new people and facilitating connections between those in industry and those just starting out – It’s why I joined the NLS8 team in the first place! 
My role in the team is to co-captain the programming committee. It means I have a lot do with the structure of the program, liaising with keynote speakers, and listening to feedback to create a fresh and memorable event.

NLS7 was my first conference experience and I was inspired by the atmosphere of being surrounded by a group of new, young, and passionate people who were interested in the future of libraries and their own professional development. I want to help create that atmosphere again. 
I am excited to be working with such a diverse and driven group of people from all around Australia. We may be spread across borders but we make it work with a little DIY and wholehearted belief in the future of our profession and the students and new graduates who are part of it. See you in June, 2017!


Have a question about sponsorship or programming for Shannon or Annette? Leave us a comment here, or start chatting with us via Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

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