Countdown to NLS8: What We’re Looking Forward To This June

In April a few of our team went to Canberra to do some site visits in preparation for NLS8. Those of us who stayed behind were treated to fabulous selfies and pictures of the rooms we will be filling on from the 23-25th June at the National Library of Australia. Though we’ve been working on this symposium for the better part of 2 years NLS8 suddenly became REAL. For all the work we’ve put on behind the scenes I thought it would be good to ask the team what they were looking forward to most. Here are the edited (to remove excessive emojis and GIFS) responses:

On the collision of online and reality:

“Befriending and learning from all the GLAMRs out there! Seeing all the delegates relaying their takeaways on twitter, and seeing what resonates with them and what has surprised them.”

“Meeting people from Twitter who I’ve talked to before but never met face-to-face.”

“I want to see what people tweet all weekend using hashtag #NLS8.”

“Meeting people IRL who have supported NLS8 on social media.”

On our keynotes and speakers:

Catching up & talkin’ #NLS8 with keynote Alyson Dalby #sydneyreunion #goodtimes

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“I am most looking forward to meeting all of our speakers. The keynote speakers of course because they are all amazing but I feel like we have gone on a journey with all of our speakers and I can’t wait to meet each of them and watch them do something awesome!”

“Seeing new speakers present for the first time!”

“Getting to see awesome GLAM people present and inspire others to make the most of their impact.”

“Seeing the National Library of Australia full of GLAMR people ready to learn and get to know each other.”

“Meeting our keynote speakers (Jane Caro, David Lankes, International Librarians Network).”

On our delegates:

So excited for our #NLS8 Film Night, 24 June at Arc Cinema! #DeskSet #NFSA #ARCcinema

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“Providing a uniquely warm environment for new grads to dip their toes in the waters, whether as a presenter or a delegate.”

“Having the opportunity to create a fun, safe and welcoming event for newcomers.”

NLS8 Committee love:

“I’m looking forward to seeing the thing that we all have created take its first steps and do well.”

“Being part of a fantastic, innovative, dedicated team who have worked for 2 years to make NLS8 happen – and then watching it all unfold.”

On visiting Canberra:

Beautiful #Canberra in autumn. Can’t wait to explore during #NLS8 ??

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“Wearing many scarves in the crisp Canberra air.”

“Seeing so many cultural institutions all in one place.”

“Eating a choc-top at the movie night!”

What are you looking forward to at NLS8? Send us a tweet! With about 7 weeks to go I’m sure it’s becoming real for you too.

Annette Messell
NLS8 Program Captain
TW: @nettymess

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