Information Online 2017

NLS8’s Online Workplace of Collaboration,

Connection and Creation

Amy Walduck and Sally Turbitt are the Co-Convenors of NLS8. They are passionate about learning and developing as professionals and contributing to the GLAMR profession. Amy and Sally presented a poster at Information Online 2017 in Sydney on Thursday 16 February promoting their experiences developing a workplace of digital collaboration tools for Team NLS8.  Below you will see the poster that was presented which included an Augmented Reality experience for delegates giving the opportunity to view more of the project than is communicated with a traditional poster. To view the augmented reality videos on the poster, download the Aurasma app, follow NLS8 and point your device at the small smartphone icons (there are 5 for you to find).

Image of conference poster describing use of online collaboration apps

Don’t feel like playing along with Aurasma? No worries, watch the videos below.