How to “use” the Breakout Space

Break. Out.

We’re a few days away from the symposium! There are a lot of things we want you to know so you feel prepared when you get here. I’ve written a short piece about our Breakout Space and how to take advantage of it during the breaks and downtime.

  1. Play THE GAME. Yes, I’m being intentionally esoteric – but let’s just say it’s an awesome way to engage with your peers, explore new skills, are win bragging rights.
  2. Practice some networking! We’re all coming to NLS8 to DIY our library career and part of that is to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. If everyone comes to the Breakout Space with an understanding that we’re all in this together, I think it will make it easier to walk up to a stranger an introduce yourself.
  3. Bring a book, swap a book! We’re supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation this year by participating in a book swap. Bring an old book, write a message in the front, and leave it on the shelf. Maybe you could write a message of encouragement for the future or ask for a new pen-pal and leave your email address? It’s up to you! A gold coin donation to ILF is optional.
  4. Meet the Trove team and let them tell you (and show you!) about the amazing work they do to bring Australian resources online and how you can help.
  5. Relax, put your feet up! We have a comfy space for you to sit down and take a break from it all. You can use this space at any time to gather your thought or chat with some new friends.

The items listed above aren’t it – we have a bunch of other things you can do to participate in the Breakout Space. Don’t forget to look at the NLS8 Program to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything… and we’ll see you there!

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