Breakout Space

What is the Breakout Space?

The Breakout Space is located in the Brindabella Room on Level 4 and is available for you to use throughout the symposium weekend. We’ve designed the space to have interactive elements as well as a “chill out” zone for those of you who would like to rest between sessions.

When can we use the Breakout Space?

You can use the space whenever you need it! Don’t feel like going to a session? Come to the Breakout Space! Want to network with other delegates? Come to the Breakout Space! We’ll have formal activities during the designated break times over the weekend but if you need a space to recharge, this is it.

Why does the Breakout Space exist?

The NLS8 team wanted to give delegates a hands-on, interactive experience with new technologies available in GLAM. We also wanted a safe space for delegates to recharge, network, and collaborate on small projects developed specifically for NLS8



Love Trove or don’t know what Trove does? Then come meet the NLA Trove team! They’ll be available to talk all things Trove and demonstrate what Trove has to offer! If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Trove this is your chance!


Face Swap

State Library of Queensland’s FunFace Lab is coming to NLS8! Come experience how SLQ pioneered this project using Face Swap Live to showcase historical library collections to their users in a fun and interactive way!


Diverse Storytime

Stories come in different shapes and sizes. We’ve asked 4 of our delegates to come and tell us a story from their unique perspective. This is a chance to be inspired and think of ways to reach out to communities, but is also a little bit of fun for us during the breaks!


ALIA Students and New Graduates Group

ALIA SNGG have just launched their new Instagram account, and they’re going to use it to showcase you, the People of NLS8!  Keep your eyes peeled for SNGG reps in the crowd, and get ready for your shot at Insta-fame. Participate by following @ALIANewGrads on Instagram and use the hashtag #HONLS8


ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee

ALIA NGAC are the official voice of new librarians to the ALIA Board.  Want to know more about ALIA? Have an idea about the future of our professions? Hang your ideas on our “laundry list”, chat with your NGAC reps, and meet ALIA board members and state managers in the breaks.



The Game

Are you ready to challenge your research skills, brush up your networking skills and get your craft on? Welcome to The Game.

Track your progress/accumulated glory through The Game using the leaderboard in the Breakout Space.

Inspiration Wall

Share your ideas and see what has inspired other delegates over the NLS8 weekend.

Book Swap

Bring a book and swap a book! Librarians love books, right? So we’ve set up a book swap for you to pick up a book you have never read before and potentially make a new friend! Why not leave a short message in the front page of your book and make a connection? You’ll have a new penpal and something in common. You can also leave a gold coin donation to the Indigenous Literacy Fund.

Comfy Chill Zone

Sometimes you need to take a load off and clear your brain. Our comfy chill out zone is a space for you to sit or use as a handy meeting point for saying hi to fellow delegates. We have board-games available for you to use or you can bring your own device and relax.