NLS8 Workshop Prep: Crafting (aka Coding) Your Own Webpage

This week’s guest blog post is from Karina Tumon. Karina is the operations coordinator for the online branch of LINC Tasmania. She does “behind the scenes” work for her library’s public website. In this blog post, she asks you to get ready for her Library Ninja Coders Workshop.


No matter where you are in your library profession, one thing’s for sure – you will have to interact with a myriad of websites and web pages in your career. But have you ever wondered how web pages are created?  Sure, sites like WordPress and Wix make it easy. But what’s behind the scenes?  How can you make a website your own way?

In my Library Ninja Coders Workshop at NLS8, you will learn what’s “behind the scenes” by actually coding (that’s just a fancy geek word for crafting and designing) an actual modern-looking web page! You will learn Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) through plenty of hands-on activities. And yes! You will come out of this workshop with something tangible in hand…..well in a digital kind of sense…..

What you need to do before you attend the workshop:

  • Download and familiarise yourself with the code editor Brackets – it’s free to use, intuitive and has a live preview feature (fantastic for checking your current work)
  • Practice some HTML coding. You don’t have to be whizz just know the basics. There are plenty of online tutorials but my favourite ‘go to’ place is: w3schools
  • Bring the URLs of your social media platform accounts (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Well, I think that’s it folks – you’re ready and set to go to craft your own web page. Don’t worry, I’ve created a simple and easy to follow workbook and I (along with the help of my fellow coding monkeys) will guide you through step by step throughout the session.

If you have any questions, my Twitter handle is @Karina_Tumon

See you all soon!

Karina Tumon
TW: @karina_tumon

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