Can’t Make It To NLS8? Here’s How You Can Still Be Involved

Be a part of NLS8 from afar
Be a part of NLS8 from afar

Couldn’t grab a ticket to NLS8 in time? Has something come up and you can no longer make it to Canberra?  I feel for you and here are some sadface emoji: ☹️ ? ?

I hope we can turn that “frowing face” into “smiling face with smiling eyes” though, because there are still ways you can be involved in the NLS8 experience from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how!

 ? Follow follow hashtag hashtag  ?

New librarians are all over social media, so if you want to keep up to speed with all the discussion and announcements over the NLS8 weekend, be sure to fire up a Twitter account, follow us at @ALIAnls and use the hashtag #NLS8.  See what the NLS8 presenters are up to with our handy Twitter list as well.

Make sure you have an Instagram account and follow the new ALIA Students & New Graduates Group Instagram and #NLS8 for the all the People of NLS8 snapshots. We’ll be over on the ALIA NLS Instagram as well, reposting the best symposium selfies!


 ? Advanced follow follow hashtag hashtag  ?

OK, so with multiple program streams running over the weekend that might be a little too much to follow at once.  Why not try using Tweet Archivist to pull the data together for you? You can use it to extract a whole heap of info around the #nls8 hashtag, including who is using it the most, what links are being posted, and top words associated with the hashtag.

More Twitter tools (for you data fans) can be found here:


? Ride the social wave right into a local event ?

There are plenty of other LIA events happening around the country in June and July, most of whch are free for ALIA members. There will even be some #NLS8 wrap ups!  Check the ALIA calendar for the full listings, but here are some of our recommendations:

28th June in Victoria: An event particularly useful for new grads! ALIA SNGG are hosting a seminar on how to respond to key selection criteria. The first ina  series of Tool Building Seminars. How very DIY!

4th July in South Australia: A dedicated NLS8 wrap up, hosted by ALIA SA and ALIA SNGG. Chat with locals who attended, presented and volunteered at NLS8.

5th July in Western Australia: A walk through of the ALIA PD scheme with WA State Manager Jessica Pietsch. Take that DIY motivation and get cracking on your PD!

6th July in New South Wales: Join NLS8 keynotes, Kate and Clare from the International Librarians Network, as they give you an insight into how to put together a massively successful professional development scheme – and how to shut it down.


? Catch up homework will be available ?

We’re setting up a Figshare collection so NLS8 presenters can share their papers, slides, notes – whatever they like related to their presentation.  Keep tuned to the NLS social media accounts for when we get this online (with sweet, sweet permalinks).


Are there any events I’ve missed? Setting up your own Satellite NLS8 Party at home? (that would be awesome, actually… can someone do this?) Let us know! Shoot through a message or tweet to @ALIAnls

Elizabeth Smith
NLS8 Marketing Captain
TW: @jinglefrisbee


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