8 Steps to get you to NLS8 (Part Two)

'Savings and Budget' by 401(K)2012 (CC BY-SA 2.0)
‘Savings and Budget’ by 401(K)2012 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

So, you’ve read part one of this series and tried creating a budget but it still looks a bit daunting, here are a few more money-wise options to consider.


Expressions of interest will open for volunteers at NLS8 early in 2017. You get to fulfil your sense of civic-duty, mingle with presenters, and help your fellow delegates all at the same time and for what? AND RECEIVE FREE REGISTRATION. All you need to do is prepare a short video telling us why you would be a great volunteer at NLS8. Keep your eyes posted on our Twitter account, or sign up to our mailing list on the side of this page, as we’ll be sending out the application details soon.

Practice makes perfect

If you’re have trouble saving money make a plan for a smaller event, like the Christmas holidays, by using the template we provided. Test yourself out and see where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Lay the ground work to attend NLS8 with your workplace

So you already work in the GLAMR world but don’t think your boss would ever approve – let alone pay – for you to attend a conference? Start working on them now, building your case to attend by highlighting the benefits you can bring back to your place of work. Remember that managers will need to put this kind of expense into their annual budget, so carpe diem and start the conversation now!

Find more tips on pitching the sale to your boss here, and a step by step guide to laying the groundwork here.

Crowd funding

A little bit from a lot of people can go a long way to helping your budget. You don’t necessarily have to throw a Kickstarter campaign for yourself (although we’d like to see someone give it a shot…).  We all have a birthday and lots of us are celebrating holidays soon – start a campaign among your friends, family and colleagues to help you get to NLS8. Even if this only nets you a tiny sum, that’s a tiny sum you don’t have to ‘budget’ for!

Whatever your budgeting technique is – we hope to see you in Canberra next year for a great 8th New Librarians’ Symposium.


  1. hi
    i am not entry level but would like to attend from NZ – may i still?
    Please advise so i can organise flights, accomodation and registration …. and leave of course 🙂


    1. Hi Elisabeth! Everyone is welcome to attend NLS8, and we’d love to see you there! We’ve found in the past that NLS is a great forum for more established professionals to connect with and be inspired by up-and-coming students and new professionals. And if you’re a member of LIANZA, you can register at the member rate 😉 Do get in touch if you have any questions about visiting Canberra! Cheers, Elizabeth.


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