8 steps to get you to NLS8! (Part One)

‘Piggy Bank’ by 401(K)2012 (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Okay, let’s do it… let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Money.

Conferences can be expensive to attend, especially if they aren’t in your home state. There are so many variables you need to consider including: registration, if you can get time off work, accommodation, transport, food, commemorative tattoo… and over a weekend these costs can add up.

We know that many of you are still students or are looking for employment so we are trying our very best to keep costs low for you. This little series of posts is aimed at helping you prepare financially for attending NLS8, take a look at our advice before you start hitchhiking to Canberra.

Membership has benefits, get in early!

Join ALIA as a student member and take advantage of the hefty discount, you’ll save yourself A LOT of money this way and gain access to the members portal on the ALIA website. Find out more and join online here: https://membership.alia.org.au/membership

A budget is your best friend.

Figure out how much attending NLS8 will cost you. Don’t forget to take into account everything you may need to spend.

  • Workshops and Tours – registration does not include the prices for optional Friday workshops/tours so remember to account for them in your budget.
  • Transportation – getting to Canberra and getting around Canberra… think about it.
  • Accommodation – are you going to stay extra days, make sure to account for these!
  • Food – smashed avo’s on toast is controversial, but it’s the little things that add up.
  • Fun – nothing is more fun than being a tourist in your own country, make sure to take a break from networking and see what Canberra has to offer.

Here is a budget template we prepared earlier! Make sure to download a copy of this file and save it to your computer, don’t edit in the Google Drive.

Know when things need to be paid.

It’s easy to say make a budget and stick to it, but anyone who has ever had a credit card knows sometimes that is just not the case! We are advocates for short term goals which keep you on track for the bigger picture. Mark important dates on a calendar, such as when you want to book your flights or when you want to have $XX amount saved. Breaking down your costs into achievable chunks will take the stress right out of saving.

Round up your posse!

Fun shared is fun doubled, and accommodation shared is that cost halved! Get active in your local ALIA groups, connect with other attendees via @alianls, @aliangac, @ALIANewGrads, @CBRLibraryTribe and @GLAMR_NewProf networks and make some new friends to share the conference experience with.

Keep an eye out for part 2 of our budget series and let us know if you have any tips or tricks for budgeting in the comments below.


— Shannon Parsons, NLS8 Finance Captain (TW: @upsilonarts)  & Annette Messell, NLS8 Program Co-Captain and QLD representative for ALIA SNGG (TW: @nettymess)

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